Visit the reindeer ranch

Would you like to come visit us at the Reindeer Ranch? Call and book an exclusive tour just for you! You get to meet all our reindeer, and Rudolf would love to show off a few tricks! Ullis will tell you all about reindeers – why they look like they do, how they live, and of course, what they are like to live and work with! You can come inside the reindeer pen and pet the reindeer and feed them right from your hand.

If you like, you can have your picture taken with a reindeer (with your own camera or phone), It will most likely be your best instamoment this winter!

The price for a visit at the reindeer ranch start at 2000 SEK (200 euro),  and includes 4 adults, or two parents and up to 4 children. Extra participants pay 500 SEK (50 euro), adults, or 300 SEK (30 euro), children.




Walk with reindeer

At the experience ”walk with reindeer”, we go hiking in the woods surrounding our village, and ends up on a nice spot with a mountain view where we sit down and have coffee by the fire. We talk about reindeer and learn about how they live and why they look like they do. And you get to know if the antlers really falls off every year? You also get a presentation of the ancient drink Beaver shout, and thru that learn some Swedish history. Of course we have reindeer joining us on the tour, and if you like you can try to lead one. There is also time for taking nice pictures on the hike.

The price for a walk with reindeer start at 3000 SEK (300 euro) and includes 4 adults, or a family of two
parents and up to 4 children. Extra participants pay 750 SEK (75 euro), adults, or 400 SEK (40 euro), children.




Tailored events

If you like an experience out of the ordinary, we offer exclusive, tailored events. Go on a longer hike with a reindeer carrying your gear, get a sleigh ride, come join us for a training session and teach the reindeer some new tricks, or get a personal photo shoot with the reindeers on a theme of your preference! This could be an unforgettable part of a bachelor or bachelorette party!

For more information about our events, give us a call at 0702538115 or send an email to