The reindeer at our ranch are nothing like ordinary reindeer! They are the world’s first clicker trained reindeer, and are up for all kinds of tricks and missions! They don’t just hang out and entertain guests here at the Reindeer Ranch, they also work with movies, advertising and events.

Our reindeer have starred in films like Sune i fjällen and Familjen Jul i nissarnas land. They have also performed at big events like Sweden International Horse Show and the Biathlon World Cup, and can do everything from pulling a sleigh and jumping obstacles, to kiss you and steal your cap! Meeting them is a truly unforgettable experience!

All animals at the Reindeer Ranch are trained using the method of clicker training – reindeer as well as horses, dogs and hens! Clicker training is a method based exclusively on rewards, building a relationship of cooperation rather than dominance with the animal. We take our starting point in the animal’s own initiative and creative behaviour, rewarding behaviour we want more of, ignoring behaviour we want less of, and thereby shape the behaviour towards our goal. The animals are never subdued to punishment or uncomfortability when things go wrong, they just don’t get their candy. They really enjoy training, and get to choose themselves if they want to participate or not. They usually do! At the time we have two reindeer at the ranch.


FrostRenen Frost
Frost is also born in the spring of 2012, and came to the ranch after having shown keen interest in people despite starting his life in the wild! He is an almost entirely white reindeer who has a lot of energy and loves jumping. He also knows how to pull a sleigh. Frost is highest in rank, and is the one in charge of the group.



The most forward reindeer at the ranch is Fred! He is just so curious and brave, walking up to anyone or anything interesting in reach. He is the reindeer most fond of cuddling with people. Fred is born in May 2018.



Apart from the reindeer, there are also two American Curly horses on the ranch and the Border collie Messi, who keeps an eye on them all.